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Life Connections

Welcome to Life Connections!

Life Connections is a transitional program for exceptional learners. The program will provide continued skill development, education for greater independence, community integration, recreation, vocational training opportunities and social programming for special education students age 18-21.

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Life Connections Transition Program

Who Qualifies for the Life Connections Transition Program?

  • A student who has an IEP
  • A student whose IEP team recommends the student for continued services to address transition goals specified within the student’s IEP
  • District 200 also outlines that a student who will be entering the program should have met all of their graduation requirements prior to entering Life Connections to ensure they will leave with a high school diploma.

Life Connections is currently a four tier program designed to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Tier 1 is housed at WNHS and Tiers 2-4 are housed at MCC.

The program focuses on the six pillars of transition which include: Post-secondary education, Vocational Education, Integrated Employment, Continuing and Adult Education, Independent Living, and Recreation and Leisure.  Students who are in the program participate in vocational training within the school setting and in the community.

Life Connections class